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We are leaders in clinical trials

Indago Research's Team facilitates trials and approval of new drugs

Our Vision

A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being by making the discovery of new drugs and treatments possible.

Our Care

We provide genuine care and patient-centered services. We believe in human connections and understand each individual’s needs to provide the best way to improve a person’s health based on medical knowledge.

Our Values

We value each individual, and we think that addressing a wide variety of human needs is the most effective strategy to improve care quality.

Our Technology

Our cutting-edge technology makes our data reliable and consistent. We work around the clock to ensure data is available in a 24-hour entry period. Thanks to our dedicated team, data is accessible in a timely manner.

Informed Consent Area

Informed consent is the process of learning the key facts such as the study purpose, duration, required procedures, and primary key contacts. Before deciding whether or not to participate, subjects have time to read the Informed Consent document in our private accommodations with the Investigator or a member of our research team.  Qualified staff members will answer any questions the subject may have about the study before deciding.

Laboratory Area

​CLIA waivered laboratory has a blood drawing area, a private room for refrigerated centrifuges, a dedicated PK room, and a segregated freezer -20 and -80.  It also contains a large, well-organized lab storage room with private trial-specific shelving. Our Laboratory staff are IATA-Certified.

EKG Room

We have a dedicated EKG room with an experienced certified technician performing EKGs for ongoing clinical trials.

Medication Room

Investigational Product is kept in a secured medication room with strictly limited access and passcode protection. Refrigerators and Freezers are digitally monitored 24/7, with Min-Max recording by the continuous temperature monitoring device and electronically generated logs.  Text/Phone Alerts are received before potential temperature excursions occur in order to avoid damage to the investigational product.

Respiratory Room

Designated area for pulmonary function testing. Respiratory studies require various instruments and constant monitoring, this room is equipped with all required instruments.

Monitors and Conference Rooms

Conference rooms are well-equipped with video conferencing capabilities, making it easier to collaborate, problem-solve and hold effective meetings in real-time. Private monitoring rooms are equipped with phones, secured internet access, and a copy/scan/fax machine. Flexible scheduling approach for accommodating CRA visits. Every effort is made to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

Take a Virtual Tour

We invite you to take a 3-minute tour of our facility to learn more about our capabilities.

Our Investigators

Delivering world class care


Real patients testimonies
"It is a center of excellence! Professionalism, kindness and respect are perceived in all its instances." (Translation)
Elsa C. Marrero★★★★★
"I feel that there was a lot of responsibility of the clinic, both medical and social" (Translation)
Coronada Morales★★★★★
"It is an excellent medical center and its team of professionals are the best, thank you very much" (Translation)
Damary G★★★★★
"I am very happy to participate in the study with you. I would like to participate again whenever I can in other studies with you. It was a very good experience for me" (Translation)
Margarita Lara★★★★★
"Nice place with beautiful and friendly team."
Paola Rodriguez★★★★★
"Clean, organized place, good treatment of the secretaries, the cleaning workers and above all, a lot of professionalism of the health personnel." (Translation)
Blanca A. Rosell★★★★★
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