The Beacon Study is seeking volunteers to test an enlightening at-home investigational device. We’re looking at how safe the investigational device is and how well it may work to speed recovery in people with COVID-19.

This clinical study will allow researchers to learn about an investigational study vaccine to see if it may help protect against pneumococcal disease in adults at increased risk of pneumococcal infection due to stable chronic conditions.

The SURMOUNT-MMO Study is evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational medication (trial treatment) on reducing health risks that are commonly found in people who are living with obesity or are overweight. This clinical trial is focusing particularly on cardiovascular (heart) disease and other heart health risks.

Pneumococcal disease is an illness caused by certain germs (bacteria), called Streptococcus pneumoniae. These germs can cause serious infections in the ears, nose, lungs, blood, or brain. Vaccines help the body fight infections due to diseases like pneumococcal disease, and may help prevent serious illness. New vaccines must be tested to show that they work.

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