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Enrolling Clinical Trials*

*Enrollment is limited, please call us for more information.

Indago Research Team facilitates trials and approval of new drugs

Our Vision

A community in which all people achieve their full potential for health and well-being by making possible the discovery of new drugs and treatments.

Our Care

We provide authentic care and patient-centered services. We believe in human connections, and we understand the needs of each individual to provide the best way to improve a person’s health based on medical knowledge.

Our Values

We value each individual, and we think that addressing a wide variety of human needs is the most effective strategy to improve care quality.

Our Technology

Our cutting-edge technology makes our data reliable and consistent. We work around the clock to ensure data is available in a 24-hour entry period. Thanks to our dedicated team, data is accessible in a timely manner.

Take a Virtual Tour

We invite you to take a 3-minute tour of our facility to learn more about our capabilities.

Our Investigators

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