Indago Research: Promoting the Future of Education in Science

April 25, 2024


At Indago Research, we firmly believe in the importance of education for the future, and for this reason, we decided to participate in the “Bring Your Child to Work” initiative. This event aims to help our children understand, in a practical way, the significance of clinical trials in the advancement of medicine and science.

During this day, the children had the opportunity to learn, through age-appropriate methods, how participants are selected for clinical trials and why it is essential for people to participate in the research of new drugs. They also observed how our departments are organized and understood the importance of discipline and proper task distribution to achieve great things.

Each child interacted with and asked questions to various departments where their parents work, allowing them to gain a comprehensive view of our institution’s operations. They also enjoyed hands-on experiences, such as using a microscope, processing data on computers, and observing the functioning of the biosafety cabinet, among other crucial devices in our medical center.

Through these activities, Indago Research not only promotes an interest in science among young people but also highlights the importance of collaboration and innovation in clinical research. We are convinced that these early experiences will plant the seeds of knowledge and curiosity in the next generation of scientists.

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