Getting to the heart of cardiovascular disease

The VICTORION-2 PREVENT Study is testing an investigational drug to see whether it could help reduce the risk of future cardiovascular events, such as strokes and heart attacks, in people with cardiovascular disease (CVD).

If you are interested in taking part in the VICTORION-2 PREVENT Study, we’re searching for people who:

· Are 40 years of age and older

· Have previously experienced a heart attack, stroke or reduced blood flow to limbs caused by narrowed arteries (peripheral arterial disease)

· Are currently receiving a high-intensity statin (medication that lowers the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood)

There are other criteria that you will need to meet to qualify for participation in this study, which the study team can discuss with you.

For further information about the VICTORION-2 PREVENT Study, visit or contact:


The SURMOUNT-MMO Study is evaluating the effectiveness of an investigational medication (trial treatment) on reducing health risks that are commonly found in people who are living with obesity or are overweight. This clinical trial is focusing particularly on cardiovascular (heart) disease and other heart health risks.

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