Four Ways to Manage Arthritis

Apply these straightforward techniques to minimize discomfort and get alleviation so you may continue with the things that are essential to you. You may also use these techniques to treat other chronic problems you might have, such diabetes, heart disease, or obesity.

What is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)?

More than 1 in 7 adults in the U.S. may have chronic kidney disease (CKD)—and most people don’t know they have it. Kidney diseases are a leading cause of death in the U.S. About 37 million adults in this country are estimated to have CKD, and most are undiagnosed. Forty percent of people with severely reduced kidney function (not on dialysis) aren’t even aware they have CKD.

The Seven Stages of Alzheimer’s Disease

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Annual Physical Exam Information

Why physicals are so important? Your physical checkup is an excellent opportunity to ask your doctor any questions that have been bothering you. Physical exams allow you to check in on your overall health and can also help you establish a relationship with your primary care physician. And this comes in useful when anything goes wrong.

Signs You Have a Weakened Immune System

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