Join in the fight against Covid/Flu Viruses
Are you eligible for our vaccine clinical research studies?
• No health insurance required
• Compensation for time and travel for qualified patients

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IMA Clinical Research is seeking healthy adults for our
groundbreaking vaccine research studies.
We are hoping to find new and effective options to fight
against the Covid and Influenza viruses.


• Ages 18 – 64
• In Generally Good Health

Benefits of Participation

• Potentially discover new and effective treatment options
• Compensation provided for time and travel (for qualified
• No health insurance required
Together we can make a real difference in medical advancements. Join us on our journey toward improved immunity!
To learn more about our studies and how to participate:
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This clinical study will allow researchers to learn about an investigational study vaccine to see if it may help protect against pneumococcal disease in adults at increased risk of pneumococcal infection due to stable chronic conditions.

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